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European Power Services


Csaba Tibor Kiss
Chief Executive Officer

2022.01.01., Budapest

European Power Services Ltd. started its operations in mid-June 2020 as a joint venture. Our company primarily provides development and maintenance services for the safe operation of power plant systems and equipment both locally and abroad, primarily in Europe.

The Company mainly performs maintenance, repair, modernization and efficiency or effectiveness enhancement tasks necessary for the safe operation and management of power plant (including nuclear power plant) systems. We also design, integrate, insure, install and commission the various equipment (from fuel supply systems to flue gas treatment and disposal) and the associated tools, spare parts, fittings or consumables required throughout the life cycle of the power plants. In addition, we undertake decommissioning and professional dismantling, conversion or disassembling activities.

We place particular emphasis on training professionals.

To leverage synergies more effectively, we have launched our operations in close cooperation with our partners, drawing on their capacities, experience and cutting-edge technologies.

We make these values and activities even more attractive and valuable for our Customers by continuously expanding our own professional team.

Thanks to its expertise, our company aims to participate in the maintenance, life time extension, supply goods, education and operation support tasks with professional, flexible, fast, high-quality and customer-centric services for the Paks Nuclear Power Plant(s).

European Power Services Ltd. operates quickly and efficiently, with colleagues who have decades of professional and project management experience and expertise. As we see outstanding opportunities to operate in the Hungarian and neighbouring markets, we are already working on a dynamic and permanent expansion of our team in view of existing and potential projects.

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 and ABOS certified, which is necessary for us to work at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

We are confident that we can provide the right support and services to help achieve our partners’ goals.


To be an integrator to provide the best possible, most economical services using own and ownership competencies, and related capacities, primarily in the domestic and in the Central and Eastern European power plant markets.


Strategic partnership with MVM Group
Supply and service parts and equipment and other advanced technologies
To be preferred service provider for Paks NPP(s), and other TPPs (in Hungary, in the Central and Eastern European, and in the Balkan countries)

Organizational structure


Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Supervisory Board
Consultant of CEO**
Professional Secretary*
Execution & project management director
Project management
Commercial & business development director
Commercial and technical representation in Paks


* Administration & Communication (Compliance, IT, Infrastructure, Personal & Data Security & HSE)
** Quality Management

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